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    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2010

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    The guys who have already remixed bands like The Very Best, and put on enjoyable shows at fests like CMJ, so naturally news of their debut album No Mas is exciting. We're strapping on our freak-out hiptronica dancing shoes and heading to the, somewhere! We like these guys because unlike other electronic record spinners, for this new record, their beats and jams aren't jacked from old recordings. These guys are starting from scratch with their pads and bleeps, reconstructing and reconstructing the jukebox of noise in their heads.

    If you've ever seen Javelin you know they travel with a ton of old boomboxes, and they actually make noise that contributes to the show. Every little detail matters to these guys, who secretly calculate their every move while seemingly running in every direction possible. A bunch of "musical omnivores" that "work their music like a rabid radio dial, leaving a tricky trail of sonic breadcrumbs in their wake." According to the band, they gave up finding their style years ago... we'll see if they've forged their own genre when the album drops.

    No Mas is out 4/20 on Juaka Box.-joe puglisi

    Tracklist For No Mas

    1. Vibration
    2. Mossy Woodland
    3.Oh! Centra
    4. On It On It
    5. Intervales Theme
    6. We Ah Wi
    7. Tell Me, What Will it Be?
    8. Moscow 1980
    9. The Merkin Jerk
    10. C Town
    11. Off My Mind
    12. Susie Cues
    13. Shadow Heart
    14. Dep
    15. Goal/Wide

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    MP3:The Very Best"Julia (Javelin Redo)"
    Javelin on Myspace
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