10 Artists to Listen to If You Love Imagine Dragons
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    If you're itching for some new music but you just can't seem to kick your addiction to all the catchy tunes on Imagine Dragon's Evolve, try out some of these artists you might not be thinking of. With bands ranging from the more feel-good sounds of "On Top of the World" to the darker, more intense vibe of "Whatever it Takes", this list should give you a little bit of everything.

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    Imagine Dragons

    1. Kodaline

    This modern-rock band has been making music since their highly successful debut album, In A Perfect World. Of all their albums and EPs, this one probably sounds the most similar to Imagine Dragons, with upbeat choir-like tunes like "Brand New Day" to get you out of bed in the morning and slower, more melancholy songs like "All I Want" to give a wide variety of sound. They've also definitely got some cuts out there that will channel your inner angsty high school self, so go get ‘em.

    2. Switchfoot

    I know what you're thinking -- Switchfoot? Really? But let me defend my decision. Go give Fading West a listen and then complain. If you hit skip after listening to albums The Beautiful Letdown and Hello Hurricane, then give this one a try -- it's full of really rich pop-rock tunes with titles like "Love Alone is Worth the Fight". This album sounds like the band finally got laid or something, and there's actually some hope left.

    3. A R I Z O N A

    This band has been launched pretty close to the mainstream since they first released a series of singles in 2016 that topped charts and playlists everywhere, songs like "I Was Wrong" and "Cross My Mind" that have a specific blend of electro-pop that sounds truly unique. Listen to their only full album GALLERY to feel something chill and groovy that will scratch that pop music itch without getting you carried away into something you feel like you've already heard a million times.

    4. MisterWives

    Blending a mix of electronic pop and feel-good folk, MisterWives is always great to jam to if for once you're not feeling like putting "Radioactive" on repeat. Try their single "Hurricane", full of life with a bright beat and vocals that linger sweetly over the chorus. All their songs are tons of fun so unless you don't like fun, go listen!

    5. Transviolet

    This female-led indie pop group falls somewhere between fun and creepy, which, if we learned anything from everybody's Stranger Things TV obsession, is super popular. I think the thing that makes Transviolet really unique, other than their gentle vocals and trilling, lyrical beats, are their really clever and interesting lyrics. "Bruises" is about an abusive relationship, "The Hamptons" is about the fallacies of modern wealth, and "Girls Your Age" is...kind of what it sounds like. Don't pretend you're not curious -- go turn it up.

    6. The Afters

    The Texas-based group's first album is called I Wish We Could All Win with a picture of a tortoise and a hare facing each other. If you're looking for something jammin' yet wholesome, stop here. You've found it. Full of rich modern rock with soaring sounds of wind instruments in the background, this band is rockin' with a conscience. Not all of us want sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. Some of us want rock 'n' roll and a 10 PM bedtime. No judgment.

    7. Bad Suns

    With two full albums and a bunch of catchy singles, Bad Suns walks the wobbly line between alt-rock and pop-punk in a perfectly mixed blend of hands-in-the-air electric guitar and uneven percussion that keeps you on your toes. Listen to their 2016 album Disappear Here to see what I mean.

    8. The Mowglis

    If happy was a band it would be this one. Every track on pretty much all three of their albums is full of an unbeatable energy and they all have uber-bright song titles like "I'm Good" and "Sunlight". Actually, the album those two songs are on is called Kids in Love which is just, like, so great. Most of the songs are quite short and the group has around eight members so the choruses sound like they're sung by a choir. If you haven't stopped listening to "It's Time" and "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons, here's something else to spice it up.


    This Pacific Northwest duo creates a kind of gritty dark pop that's not so gloomy that it loses itself but is nowhere close to the kinds of bubblegum pop that topped charts next to them. Listen to their EP Truce and collection of popular singles like "1000 Nights" and "Capsize" to get a feel for that shadowy, groovy vibe they're giving off. With sparkling beats and glowing harmonies, you'll never get bored with this one.

    10. 21 Pilots

    I'll just leave this here.

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