SONG OF THE DAY: 'Sweep Me Off My Feet' by Pond
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Matt Sav]

    Australian psych act Pond just released their new video for "Sweep Me Off My Feet," which is off of their new album, The Weather, out May 5th via Marathon Artists. The song, along with the rest of the album and the album prior, was produced by Tame Impala's Kevin Parker in Perth. But unlike the last album, their sound is a lot less raw and a lot more polished; this time around, it's ambitious and brings a sense of clarity through all of the surreal instrumentation.

    The video that accompanies the song is filled with psychedelic imagery as well. It features a lot of different shots that don't go together, some even look like cheesy stock images, but it seems intentional. Shots of couples watching the sunset with a glass of champagne, happy families running together on the beach, Jesus (yes, Jesus), and then shots of the singer singing in the shower with muddied makeup all make for a trippy experience.

    Pond's Nicholas Allbrook talked about the upcoming album in a recent press release, "It's a concept album, not completely about Perth, but focusing on all the weird contradictory things that make up a lot of colonial cities around the world. Laying out all the dark things underneath the shimmering exterior of cranes, development, money and white privilege. It's not our place, but it is our place. British, but Australian, but not REAL Australian. On the edge of the world with a hell of a lot of fucked things defining our little city, still we try and live a wholesome respectful life, while being inherently disrespectful. At the end of all this confusion in our weird little white antipodean world, there's the beach, purity and nature that brings us all together."

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