New Song 'Body' from The Internet's Syd is a Modest Yet Sensual Dream
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    The Internet's Ego Death was one of the greatest R&B albums of 2015, sharing tracks of a densely organized affair that still felt as close as a bedroom conversation. The band has announced their North American tour that will kick off next month. This tour will feature solo sets from each of The Internet's five members. Each member will get a chance to hold the spotlight while the remaining members cheer each other on from backstage.

    Valentine's Day is creeping up on us; it's time to start thinking about those sexy time playlists we have stored in our back pockets. Thankfully, we won't struggle to put together a good playlist, because Syd's latest single, "Body," will do the trick perfectly.

    We're getting some serious baby-making vibes from this slow-burning, breathy single. Don't be surprised when you're caught up in some pillow talk with this steamy track on your playlist...

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