COMING SOON: Nick de la Hoyde in Session
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    Drawing on both modern atmospheric pop textures, trap-like rhythms, and a youthful and breathy voice, Nick de la Hoyde has the components to become a pop superstar. So we were excited to have him here at Baeble.

    Originally starting to write music at 16, Hoyde lived in a multi-cultural home with a Syrian mother and British father, and was exposed to music from many different cultures, like hip hop, rock, alternative, R&B and spoken word. This has influenced his genre jumping music up to today, where he goes from more moody, atmospheric, trap-like songs like "Never Gonna Beg For It," to more upbeat straightforward pop sounds like on "Changing."

    Hoyde has a very active YouTube channel where he posts his original music videos, covers of pop and RnB songs, and also random videos that he gets ideas for. This one where he talks about his old Facebook posts is pretty cool.

    He recently did a Baeble session with us, and we're really excited to present his atmospheric blend of Trap, RnB, and pop. Look out for the new session coming soon!

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