This Week In Music: The News In 13 Sentences
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We're not all lucky enough to be on top of the latest news in the music industry, and sometimes so much can happen in a single week that big news can get lost between the cracks. We're here to refresh your memories by reminding you of what happened this week in always quick, often snarky sentences.

    - The world's most infamous side project, The Postal Service, announced their money-gra(cough)...excuse me...their 10-year reunion reissue.

    - Beyonce Ashlee Simpson'd President Obama's inauguration (supposedly).

    - Mogwai scored a French zombie TV show; The Walking Dead is still cooler.

    - Justin Timberlake got creative and put on a suit and tie to sing "Suit & Tie."

    - Vampire Weekend released a live recording of a new song, and they still sound like 80s Paul Simon.

    - Wayne Coyne and his Flaming Lips announced a new album and song; ponytailed dudes everywhere said, "Right on."

    - The Mars Volta splits up after one member decides he'd rather pursue a Rush-like side project (WOOF!).

    - Dirty Projectors cover Usher, and it's pretty effin' great.

    - The Governors Ball makes a name for itself as a serious Northeast festival with 2013 lineup.

    - Coachella's lineup is surprisingly weak, unless you grew up in the UK during the early 90s.

    - European festivals reign supreme and Primavera Sound's lineup sets the bar high.

    - The Knife got fickle with the share of a new song, but they're so cool we'll be patient.

    - After waiting a week, which felt like a year, we finally get to hear the new single from The Strokes, "One Way Trigger."

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