The Flighty Premiere of Ladyfinger ne's 'Birds'
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 2013

    • Posted by: Corey Mejia

    "Birds" by Ladyfinger (ne) sets off, progressively ascending to what could translate to a picturesque walk through a grove, which, the path being followed, becomes overgrown from time-to-time: the concept is of becoming lost, subtly transitioning into being found. With redemptive lyrics alluding to a radiant future, eventually becoming buried by the limbo of everyday life. Gradually, the tempo rises, as if in flight (hence "Birds"), with crisp riffs, puncturing at the core of the sentiments blithely sung by Machmuller. Pat Oakes' drums reveal solid rumbling sensations and gives that tight lure listeners have been eager to hear since their former 2009 album Dusk. Errant Forms, ("Birds" being track 2) is expected to be released and distributed by February 5th via Saddle Creek.

    Stream and download "Birds" below:

    As we're nearing the expected release date, we're all eager; we're all stumbling and jittery to get our ears on what these Errant Forms will reveal themselves to be.

    Pre-order the album HERE.

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