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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 2010

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    Funny I should spend some time this weekend enjoying Jenna Maroney's risky portrayal of Jackie Jormp-Jomp, because although I haven't digested everything Joplin has done, I began wondering if there was a voice in today's music world with similar tastes and styles. Now I'm not a kingmaker and I don't declare when X is the new Y, but Basia Bulat certainly seems to have the lush songwriting, guitar plucking, and textures to be comparable or at least considerable. The similarities aside from "both of them are woman" aren't totally there... I think it is mostly the voice that gets me. They both have a folk-sense and a very recognizable croon. I admit, Bulat is a lot softer and warmer with her tones, even when she gets cooking on the more bombastic tracks. If Joplin is Texan Americana, then Bulat feels like the plains. Funny that she is actually from Canada.

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