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    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 2008

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    To the subway rap artist, headphones strapped, bass heavy beats leaking out the edges, channeling their inner B.I.G as if those in the car paid plenty of bills to hear it…keep it up. As one wannabe emcee will no doubt discover tonight, that kind of thing can get you somewhere.

    Started back in ’04 at dearly departed Rothko, Hip Hop Karaoke has reached institutional status over these past three years. Taking place at the Knitting Factory, this monthly celebration of all things hip hop separates itself from the masses by doing the whole karaoke thing a little bit differently. You won’t find any canned beats, television monitors, or blue bouncing balls at HHK…just a vinyl scratchin’ DJ and an MC spitting classic kind of memorized rhyme for eager and energetic audiences. Until now, HHK has been a rather amiable gathering. But don’t expect much love tonight.

    Participating in the first ever Hip Hop Karaoke Championship, rappers K-Dot, Shawn J, Scooter, Chef, Elizabeth, Doni D, Pancho, Robin, Dashaun, RDJ, Camille, and Axium will battle it at the Highline Ballroom tonight. The crowds are sure to be huge, the stakes high…and if that doesn’t freak them out enough, a celebrity panel (Prince Paul, Ralph McDaniels, and Dres (Black Sheep)) will be weighing in on every rhyme.

    The Hip Hop Karaoke Championship starts at 10PM tonight at the Highline Ballroom.

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