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    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 2008

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    Here’s a collaboration you can already hear working out rather famously. Zooey Deschanel – she with the woozy, chanteuse windpipes she most famously showed off in the holiday film, Elf – has apparently caught the eye of singing, songwriting guitar man M. Ward – he with a rather classic set of smoky lungs himself. The two first worked together on a movie soundtrack back in ’06, and struck up an instant kind of rapport. During the process, Deschanel let it be known she had a few songs tucked away in her computer back home, and the rest…well, we’ll hear the rest of the story this March

    Recorded over the course of a few months, She & Him’s Volume 1 (more to come?) consists of nine of Deschanel’s originals, plus two covers. Per Merge Records, who will be handling the release, “The songs themselves…give a respectful nod to the likes of Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt and The Zombies while M’s production gives them just the right amount of golden era sheen.”

    Volume 1 will be released March 18th. She & Him also have a couple of live shows scheduled, listed below.

    She & Him Live:
    March 2nd - San Francisco, CA @ Noise Pop
    March 14th - Austin, TX @ The Parish

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    MP3: She & Him:: "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here" Volume 1

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