10 Indie Artists That Should Perform At The Super Bowl Halftime Show
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2018

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    The Super Bowl has had its fair share of incredible artists to entertain us during the anxiety-inducing show. There's been the likes of Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and the list goes on. It's one of the most prestigious honors for an artist. There's a ridiculous number of over a million watchers each year and the artists who perform are doing one of the largest shows of their careers, so they'd be set for life. We have compiled a list of the artists we would love to see fill that spot. Okay, we know artists like Angel Olsen are way too indie to be on the same stage Gaga took by storm last year, but hey, there's no harm in wishing… right? This is all purely hypothetical!

    1. Angel Olsen

    This woman would have the entire audience in tears if she was to perform, but that's ok! Yes it's a football game and yes it has masculine undertones, but if Angel Olsen were to perform there would be an entirely different demographic in the stands. Going by her previous performances she is guaranteed to be inspiring with such an incredible voice like that.

    2. SZA

    With her debut album, Ctrl, and her multiple collaborations, now is the time to show off this hidden talent. She'll command the stage as usual and bring such a power that will keep everyone entertained. If she doesn't get to perform during this show at least once in her career then there's something terribly wrong with the world!

    3. Sofi Tukker

    People will hear those Brazilian beats and won't be able to stop dancing. They're experimental yet quirky and poppy beats are sure to have everyone mesmerized. Their bright colors on stage would also be a huge plus, the more eccentric the better! It would feel like one gigantic party.

    4. Kelela

    Judging by her latest album, Kelela's Super Bowl performance would be sleek and sexy AF. She can dance too, so that'd make for great entertainment. I reckon she's stadium ready!

    5. Sampha

    All this guy needs is a piano and his voice and the audience will be hooked. Especially with this track "(Nobody Knows Me) Like The Piano," another one that will probably have people sobbing in their seats. Nothing wrong with a little cathartic relief for the soul.

    6. Daniel Caesar

    With his passionate and captivating presence, people will be leaving the stadium as major Daniel Caesar fans after this performance. Cheers to that!

    7. FKA Twigs

    With her background in dance and her eccentric style, this lady would be the most entertaining halftime show ever. She'll have choreographed routines along with multiple back-up dancers and maybe even some wild set design. She'll have people cheering and gasping at her crazy amazing stunts!

    8. Frank Ocean

    This man in all of his glory and brilliance has everything needed to put on the best show. All of his fans would be giving him a standing ovation. There'll be tears of joy and tears of utter awe just by being in his presence. Maybe Queen Bey could swoop in for a song too?

    9. Kendrick Lamar

    With all of the political statements within his work, there's no telling what could arise at such a show. He'd most likely put on one of the most inspirational half time shows the country has ever seen. The headlines he would make would definitely create crazy FOMO for all of those who missed out.

    10. St. Vincent

    Anyone who's been to a St. Vincent show knows that she puts on the best show ever. No exaggeration. Total theatrics, awesome costumes, colorful lights... She even has her own intermission! Even if you're not a fan of football, you'd tune into this show.

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