Real Estate Announce New Album With Video For 'Darling'
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2017

    • Posted by: Jack Labbe

    Real Estate hasn't released an album since 2014's Atlas, but today they dropped a new video for their single "Darling" and announced In Mind, their next album which will be released on March 17th. It will be the New Jersey indie rocker's first release without founding member and guitarist Matt Mondanille, who left the band to focus on his side project Ducktails.

    "Darling" is unquestionably a Real Estate song. The processed vocals, 80's guitar effects, chill drummer, and old school synth make for the perfect rainy day track. Frontman Martin Courtney makes you feel his yearning for love when he sings "Impatiently I wait for you." The one thing that really stands out on this track is Alex Bleeker's funky bass line, which cuts in and out in between lines.

    The video is a whole other story. The band seems to be doing a nod to classic performances by 50's and 60's bands who would appear on shows like Ed Sullivan in matching outfits and play in front of a indistinguishable backdrop. But then, Real Estate makes a horse appear, to walk around and mess things up. Whether the horse is now a full time member of Real Estate is at this point, unclear. But at the end of the video he does appear with a bass around his neck, prompting me to guess he'll at least get a producer's credit. Also, they keep switching the drummer in between shots, not sure what that's about, maybe we'll get further context with the release of In Mind on March 17th.

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