Angel Olsen Releases New Video for 'Pops,' Proves She is a Star
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    Touching on a very prevalent sense of isolation with far away 1930's radio singer-esque vocals and tae slightly detuned piano, nothing feels perfect; it all feels like the echoes of a mind that's losing itself. Literally starting off with the line "All those people, they don't see me," Angel Olsen's sense of invisibility is clearly conveyed. Even on the lines like "take my heart and put it up on your sleeve" and "tear it up so they can all sing along" where her vocals are duplicated and there is more than just one presence there, it feels even more lonely, like she's shouting out into nothing.

    "Baby don't leave please believe me" coupled with the video's secluded imagery embodies that numbness that comes with losing someone you love, whether it be through a breakup or a death. It feels like no one understands. That's why the image of her covering up her face is really powerful. Because while it can easily be interpreted as her crying, it seems like it goes even further to show that she feels invisible.

    Ending on the line "I'll be the thing that lives in the dream when it's gone" is just a gut punch, saying that even when she's forgotten the whole relationship that she's had, she'll still be stuck there. Alone.

    We're here for you, Angel Olsen.

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