5 Classic Grammy Performances
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Jake Saunders

    The Grammy Awards are this Sunday and we're ready for this year's stacked schedule of over the top performances. This year's lineup includes heavy hitters like Beyonce and hubby Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, Daft Punk, and most importantly a performance by the two surviving members of the Beatles, Paul and Ringo. Although we regularly criticize award institutions like The Grammys for their annual misjudgments, we must admit that while doing so, they do put on one hell of a show. Those who are on the fence about watching this weekend may want to reconsider, as they could miss an incredible spectacle like the five listed below.

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    Radiohead - "15 Step" (2009)

    Herbie Hancock - "Rock It" (1983)

    D'Angelo and Tony Rich (Stevie Wonder Tribute) - "Superstition/Livin' For The City" (1996)

    M.I.A, Kanye West, TI, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne - "Swagga Like Us" (2009)

    Janet Jackson - "What Have You Done For Me Lately" (1987)

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