Iceage Burning Up With 'Ecstasy'
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 2013

    • Posted by: Corey Mejia

    From the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark comes forth Iceage: a rush of exhilarating youth, tossing that chaotic form of punk which seemed, for a time, awry in ears at home. Ecstasy, off their upcoming album You're Nothing, emphasizes on the distress of living in modern times, regardless whether it be in Denmark or here. Their post-punk attitude seems to elevate, though they stick to their guns with not reaching too post and still sustain the provocative punch they've been accustomed to since their debut New Brigade released in 2011.

    As their 2nd LP, Iceage rages on, "Ecstasy's" frequency involves snappy drums reminiscent of scissors slicing, a thumping bass which as if entering the dark ages would induce you to hold up a shield and sword and duel face-to-face with Chaos. "Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!" rips through the mic during a reoccurring breakdown that reminds listeners of the tension that Iceage attempts to release out of us and induce with an eerie, but brilliant ecstasy.

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