Zedd Delivers Excellence on New Single 'The Middle' ft. Maren Morris and Grey
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Are you tired of the club? You desperately want an excuse to go out and get drunk with your friends, but the bad music and even worse hangover the next morning hardly make it worth it? Well, you are in luck -- German-Russian artist Zedd has released a new single "The Middle" with artists Maren Morris and Grey. Club music you can actually dance to is rare these days, so grab hold of this one and go out on the town tonight -- I've heard hangovers on the weekday make you work harder.

    Starting calm and cool, the tune moves into a tight and danceable chorus with Zedd's trademark clean and hard-hitting beats. Maren Morris' talented voice sings, "I'm losing my mind just a little", a totally relatable lyric for the average overworked person. Having gathered critical acclaim after remixing songs from artists like Skrillex and Lady Gaga, Zedd has been pushed into the spotlight, and in 2014 won a Grammy for "Best Dance Record" with his song "Clarity". He is nominated again this coming year. If you're looking to have a good time dancing at the club, this jam will give you just that, with more of Zedd's crackling synthesizers and sparkling sound with surprisingly creative lyrics overlaid from Morris. So go out tonight, and surprise yourself with this tune. You might even have a good time dancing to it.

    Also watch our exclusive interview with Zedd:

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