Father John Misty's New Video 'Pure Comedy' is Hard to Watch
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed by the amount of artists releasing politically charged singles. It feels like everyday there is a new message geared towards Trump (which is the greatest thing ever) but this one takes the cake.

    Father John Misty hits the nail on the head when it comes to unraveling our subconscious thoughts. His new track "Pure Comedy" is the first song off his new record, Pure Comedy, which will be released on April 7th, but we're more excited about the music video that followed the preview of his song.

    The video features some insane imagery counting birth and death, heaven and hell, Obama's departure, Trump's inauguration, Kanye West, John Cena, and everyone's favorite meme: Pepe the frog. Behind the original artwork and whimsical footage, this video is anything but funny. It can be hard to watch the striking animations that aim at America's current state of affairs after the inaugural weekend. Its cynical message strikes a nerve with us as we all begin to fall deeper into America's turbulent cultural climate. However by the end, the listener can come out at ease because of Misty's dry wit and humor. His choice of language lifts the weight off his heavy subjects.

    Also, let's talk about how Misty traps you into his world after five seconds of "Pure Comedy." I am a fan of his intimate vocals and piano playing featured on the track. The line, "and how's this for irony, their idea of being free, is a prison of beliefs they never have to leave," is powerful and leaves listeners thinking, inspired, and your heart completely melted from his alluring melody (total Elton John vibes here).

    Is this video profound? Maybe if we can get over the nightmarish stock footage, we'll give it another thought. This epic new single is a great lead for Misty's new album.

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