Rejection Gets Sparkly In New Tegan And Sara Song
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    Tegan and Sara's forthcoming album, Heartthrob (out 1/29 on Warner Bros.), is shaping up to be just the kind of bouncy, empowering girl pop we've been happily expecting. In their new single, "I Couldn't Be Your Friend," the Canadian sisters (thankfully) move away from the Katy Perry territory of "Closer" and sing of the post-break-up heartache of realizing that your ex isn't even friend material. The smoothly lilting verse and reverb-happy beats will definitely have you tapping your feet (though we could do without the overzealous synth strings in the chorus).

    Listen to "I Couldn't Be Your Friend" on NPR's All Songs Considered.

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