BAEBLE BAE ALERT: Troye Sivan, The Fabulous 22 Year Old Who Does Everything
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Unless you don't own a computer or phone or iPad or Alexa or whatever the heck it is that you receive your daily dose of news on, you'd know that one of the artists of the moment is Troye Sivan. Now, I know he released his debut LP Blue Neighbourhood back in 2015, but sometimes I don't get into an artist until two years after they jumpstart their career! Sivan has been especially unavoidable as of late, with the release of his new single "My My My!". I'm not just saying this for the sake of this post, but I genuinely have been listening to this song on repeat. I listen to it when I wake up, while I run, work, eat… I even listen to it while I watch Netflix! Yes, I actually mute the TV show I'm watching and turn on subtitles just so I can listen to "My My My!".

    Okay, so maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch, but imagine how much commitment that would be -- Friends with no audio? True fan.

    Anyway, I digress… With that new single, plus his even newer one, "The Good Side," Sivan has been on my radar lately. Everyone's radars, actually. Here's why and how.

    1. Just this past weekend, he performed on Saturday Night Live.

    Whether or not it was his best performance is irrelevant. What really matters is that this is a huge moment for him, and that his hard work is paying off, rightfully so. And let's just say he clearly has a vision -- dewy skin, wet bleached hair, and that cute jumper-tucked-into-pants-with-a-belt-look? Sign me up! I'm vibing with this George Michael meets boy band style. He is goals.

    2. While we're on the topic of looks…

    He's got good looks. I can confidently say that if someone doesn't love his music, they can at least admire his appearance from afar. If he wasn't a musician, I'm sure he'd be an excellent model. Look at this photo and tell me Troye is not model material. That's right, you can't.

    troye sivan my my my

    3. His skin.

    I just can't get his dewy skin off my mind. I am a woman with decent skin, and I find myself looking at photos of Troye thinking, "I must know what skin products he uses!" It's flawless and radiant. He must use oil derived from two coconuts mixed with concentrated lavender and the juice from a single peach every morning, I'm sure.

    troye sivan baeble bae alert

    4. His eyes.

    Don't even get me started on his eyes! They are SO blue and SO dreamy, every time I look at a picture of them I suddenly feel as though I am swimming in the middle of the deepest, bluest ocean while simultaneously gazing at a clear blue sky. A smurf would feel insignificant next to those eyes.

    troye sivan eyes

    5. His ever changing hair.

    Sometimes it's brown!

    troye sivan hair

    Sometimes it's blonde!

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    Sometimes it's even grey!

    He pulls off every color, and we love watching him experiment with different looks as he goes through different phases with his music.

    6. His dance moves.

    His dance movies are enough reason alone to get yourself to a live Troye Sivan show ASAP. Watch this live performance (in addition to his SNL performance) and you'll get a glimpse of what I mean.

    Yas Troye, feeeel the music.

    7. He's Australian.

    Troye was actually born in South Africa but then moved to Australia shortly after, where he then lived for his entire life. Australians are notoriously kind people, and who doesn't love a good accent?

    You can actually watch him try other accents in this video from his YouTube days. Oh yeah, he started as a vlogger, which is just another reason to love him.

    8. All of his songs are from real experience.

    Troye recently stopped by the Zach Sang show and at one point, admitted that all of his songs do come from his real life experience. That just makes him even more relatable -- everyone loves a good news-worthy love song. Also, this interview is 45 minutes long and I totally watched the entire thing.

    9. His celebrity friendships.

    It seems like everyone in the industry loves Troye, which is pretty telling. If everyone loves him, he must be a pretty great person to hang with, yeah? Check out all of these photos of Troye with other awesome famous people and try not to get too starstruck.


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    #buychainedtotherhythmonitunes tbfh !!!!!!

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    m'hearts full!! @lordemusic

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    Me ft. goddess @tovelo

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    10. He's only 22.

    He's only 22 years old and he's already worked with some of the industry's best artists, signed to a major label, released a debut album, acted in movies like X-Men, started a Youtube channel with over 4 million subscribers, and was even named in the 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014 by Time. He is so young and has already done so much, plus has more coming up -- his sophomore LP of course, plus a role alongside Nicole Kidman and Xavier Dolan in Boy Erased, a coming out film set to be released this year.

    11. Every guy and girl wants to date him, every guy and girl wants to be him.

    You know the phrase, "every girl wants to be her, every guy wants to date her"? Or something along the lines of that? Well thanks to Troye's masculine-simultaneously-feminine personality, everyone feels all ways about him. I obviously found Troye to be appropriate to enlist as Baeble's New Bae, but also from a personal standpoint, I want to find out how he gets his hair to be so voluminous. Guys also want to be him, but because he's so pretty, it's hard not to crush a lil' bit too.

    Alright, going to return to my regular programming of "My My My!" now.

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