5 Artists We Discovered Thanks To The Indie Savvy Car Company, Jeep
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 2018

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    The days of finding new music through libraries and underground gigs are long gone. We've moved onto bigger and better things, like Spotify and YouTube. But who knew that we would be finding so many artists through advertising, too? Jeep's latest ad campaign is aimed at showcasing their brand on a more dynamic and engaging level. Meaning, finding new up and coming artists and throwing them into a small video along with some Jeeps. Is this the future of music? The future of advertising? Either way, we love this new direction Jeep has taken, if it means new music coming our way, maybe we'll even buy a Jeep…

    1. Moon Taxi - "Two High"

    One of the first artists to be featured in Jeep's newly released campaign are our absolute faves, Moon Taxi. Whats even crazier is that we literally just had them all in the studio for one our sessions (which you can fall in love with here). We're like a bunch of proud parents watching our kids grow up to be featured on something as huge and wild as the new Jeep campaign. Their track "Two High" is featured in this short thirty second video of a Jeep driving around the snowy countryside. This band is on the road to fabulousness... Ha, get it?

    2. Halsey - "Release Your Renegade"

    Another star to jump on this Jeep train is none other than Halsey. This woman never seems to be anything less than amazing. After her speech at the women's march on Saturday, a whole new level of respect for her, not just as a musician but as a person, has been made present. Her strength and remarkable courage is completely admirable, so whatever she chooses to do is golden in our eyes. That goes for this short video, where she discusses embracing her individuality. This video is one of the most visually interesting of them all.

    3. X Ambassadors - "Renegades"

    Yet another one of our incredibly talented friends, X Ambassadors, blew up after this ad. Their track "Renegades" is the core ingredient in the video -- literally the driving force behind the whole thing. It's basically their own music video, but in a Jeep. If they've already used these amazing artists there's no guessing who else they're going to have on board!

    4. Imagine Dragons - "Believe"

    This song seems to be doing the rounds in a lot of advertising campaigns, and it's easy to see why, it's got so much power behind it. The track in the video is "Believe" which is obviously perfect for an ad exploring the concepts of getting up and going anywhere you like! These guys have been around for a while but seem to be making another wave recently, and with the help of this new Jeep campaign they're bound to be soaring onto great things in no time.

    5. Marc Scibilia - "On The Way"

    This guy is definitely on his way for some great things. With that voice and those curls, who couldn't be a fan? Jeep has definitely scored big time with Marc, whose voice has surely helped sell hundreds of cars. The track featured is "On The Way" and basically features a bunch of young attractive people driving around a beach, attending parties, and living it up in the summertime experience. This ad has also done some great things for Marc's career as well, being one of the most Shazam'd artists after this commercial was played during the Super Bowl half time spot. He's a Buffalo boy through and through, never failing to bring parts of his heritage into his music, which is something not a lot of artists have the confidence to do.

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