Know Who's Next: The Surreal Dreams of Kacy Hill
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Michael Madden

    Mother would always beg me to be a model. "You should really get some pictures taken of yourself, you are tall and handsome, that's what they want in these models, tall and handsome." I am lanky, but I guess mothers know best the beauty of their children. In the end I resisted and to this day mother claims I could have raked in the money. Kacy Hill, a successful model and up and coming dreamy pop R&B artist, must have listened to her mother. She is certainly beautiful, and her sparse yet voluptuous compositions are something else.

    "Experience", the first of her releases is, out of her small library, an exemplary track. The title of the song, while broad, is a good description on the tone of her work so far. If anything, it absorbed me in her space, and with the kind of movement of a Blackmill song, it was a fantasy themed dream like place. One of those dreams where everything is in slow motion, but not the horrifying ones where you are trying to run away but can't get any traction. Add to that her sultry layered vocals to fill up the spaces, which really make the songs and or dreams, and you've got an enjoyable experience.

    Though I resisted mother's urges to flaunt my stuff, I decided to flaunt it in different and maybe more creative ways. As a musician Kacy Hill may find this mode of expression more rewarding, catering to the public's ears rather than their eyes. But hey, why not both? The music videos for "Experience" and "Foreign Fields" do cater to both the senses, in a way. Watching her obscured face as she mouths the entirety of each song is a, pun half-intended, experience.

    Her latest release Bloo which features "Foreign Fields" as well as the more upbeat "Arm's Length" is just an EP, but still worth your time. Not including the remixes, the three tracks of Bloo are each equally effective in their own floaty, rhythmic way. Kacy Hill has a familiar voice yet she is using it in her own way. What are models but familiar bodies with little unique twists, hers just happens to have that Milla Jovovich's Leelo from The Fifth Element kind of twist.

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