HAIM's 'The Wire' Mashed with The Wire's Fourth Season
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Season 4 of The Wire could be argued as the greatest chapter of any television series of all time (fans of Dexter season 4 can shove it!). The season was thematically dedicated to Baltimore's defeated inner-city education system, and closely followed the lives of four boys who each symbolize separate struggles. Mashing this poignant narrative up with the jovial pop of sister trio Haim might seem like sacrilege to faithful fans, but what the hell...the song is called "The Wire".

    In creating such a mash-up, the good people of Goodosphere showed us what The Wire would look and feel like as a late 80s teen sitcom. So if you can suspend your disbelief and imagine a character named Dookie existed on Head of the Class, watch the edited intro below.

    Just for kicks, here's the Head of the Class intro:

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