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    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2010

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    This isn't a mixtape-noir or anything, I just felt that "45" deserved a picture-noir, because it totally sounds like it stars the Maltese Falcon and has mystery and intrigue! Anyway, so something happened with politics this week? Like a senator or something, Ted Kennedy, bi-partisan Sarah Palin Leno? I don't know, I don't watch C-Span. But I bet as people are upset about the Massachusettes senate seat, or about Conan's final show tonight, or other stuff, so we're saying don't worry! We've got a solid mixtape of entertainment to turn that frown into something fun! Like, a pizza for example. Or a Discovery Zone.

    Dont forget what a fun, productive week we had! This week we found out about Coachella, wrapped up a shoot with The Heavy at the 92Y in Tribeca, debuted a Camera Obscura show, learned The Love Language and had Little Girls building microphones in the Guest Apartment. Neat!

    So strap on your jetpacks and lets go save the world.

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    1. "I Saw The Light" - Spoon - Transference
    Only fair that we start where my week started... listening to Transference as many times as I could possibly handle. I had a violent argument with a friend about the quality of this record, she seemed to think Spoon had gone too far into the weird woods to see clearly, but I disagree. This perfectly crafted bit chugs along, then breaks down into a jam, and you can just see the guys blowing this number up onstage. At the time of this writing I was offering favors in exchange for tickets to their show at the Mercury Lounge (yesterday night).

    2. "Stylo" - Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
    I remember one of the CD's that I always kept with me when I was fourteen was Gorillaz. The cartoon thing didn't interest me as much as their distinctly odd take on smashing together dub, rap, rock, techno, and art in general in exotic ways... the music was something different than I'd ever heard on the radio. One track started out with a guy screaming "hello is anyone there?" over and over ("M1A1" I think) and that always struck me as creepy, right before they launched into a great riff recalling Damon's Blur days. But that is Gorillaz for you, from "Clint Eastwood" to Demon Days to "Stylo", they've switched it up and somehow kept it all the same. All these years later I still have a soft spot for these guys, even when they clearly long for the 80s, but don't we all?

    3. "The Rain" - The Swell Season - Strict Joy
    Not a big fan or anything before this week, I checked out The Swell Season's set at Radio City and wow. A lot of people threw Strict Joy on their top tens, and I'd never even heard the band before (aside from their obvious Once contributions). This song was probably my favorite one they played, even never hearing it before. The harmonies and the builds are really great, and Glen just has this energy about him... from standing on the edge of the stage without a mic to leading The Frames in this great tune, he is a showman. And this piece is a show.

    4. "Harmonix" - Surfer Blood - Astro Coast
    Surfer Blood made some serious veg-out sun-soaked dreams on the Astro Coast. Most of their stuff is just like this: laid back and slick, with scraps of falsetto and borrowed reverb. "Harmonix" may use some of the most commonly incorporated overtones, but the washed out sound of the band, mixed with riffage that is as in vogue as it is catchy... they make good use of it. Great for a day trip to the nearest In-n-Out Burger (which could be a few thousand miles for some of us).

    5. "Cranberry" - The Ruby Suns - Fight Softly
    Whoa! The Ruby Suns are still as tribal as they were circa 2008's Sea Lion, and they seem to be leaning a lot more towards the Animal Collective/Yeasayer school of happy poppy trippy-ness. This particular track traverses several different modes of jammage, ranging from a repetitive Dan-Deacon like beginning to the "My Girls" meets Paul Simon ending. Why all the comparisons? Because I love all of these things, and hearing all of them in one song is like Christmas.

    6. "What A Drag" - Bear Hands - What A Drag Single
    Bear Hands debut an inventive new sound with this crafty little head bopper from their recently released ( and FREE!, btw) What a Drag EP. Not sure when we'll see a full-length, but we're anticipating this to be the year this promising Brooklyn band finally shows the world their claws.

    7. "Let Go" - JJ - n 3
    Thank God for JJ. Their enigmatic presentation and complete radio-silence as to who they are is a much needed breath of mystery in this era of infinite information. One thing they're not being vague about? Their new album, n 3, to be released March 9th on Secretly Canadian. "Let Go" is the delicious first taste from that record.

    8. "Rulers, Ruling All Things" - Midlake - The Courage Of Others
    From the band's highly anticipated follow-up to The Trials of Van Occupanther, this song from Midlake first surfaced on the web about a month ago. If it's any indication of what lies in wait on The Courage of Others, then daaaaammmnnnn....

    9. "Love Cry" - Four Tet - There Is Love In You
    Domino has the handling rights for Four Tet's latest album, There Is Love In You. Come this Tuesday, the whole thing can be yours. Until then, try on the hypnotic, nine minute twirl of "Love Cry".

    10. "Cold Summer" - Sea Bear - We Built A Fire
    A lot of folks have never heard Seabear; the flagship enterprise of Icelandic musician Sindri Mar Sigfusson. No doubt that will change once the band releases We Built a Fire (Morr) on March 9th. "Cold Summer" is but one gorgeous, slow roller from that album, warmed to the core by woozy horns and heart-pulling orchestrations

    This is Joe saying, live for the moment, because today will be your yesterday when tomorrow happens. Right. Now go do something fun with your Friday. -joe puglisi

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