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    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2010

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    The Deluka dilemma: the difference between sparkle-dust pop and electro-rock is kind of a razor thin, non-existant line. Hence why it is mildly debilitating to even try and categorize this floating non-re of girl fronted stuff like this self-titled EP. I'll try anyway. Deluka is kind of a Gaga infused Yeah Yeah Yeah's, with more staying power than the oddballs of Freezepop, but more beats than Karen O. Their EP is full of high octane shoe-movey (patent pending terminology), tons of bass-drum-high-hat alternating, fake hand clap glory.

    "O.M.F.G.", the freak-out single, aptly named, captures the combination of perky yelps and electro-harmonies that make up most of Deluka. Seasoned with a few reverb effects, and a great chorus drumbeat, the band definitely reaches for the aesthetic that is dominating popular music these days. Spots at the MTV music award and radio play seem to suggest they might succeed. Especially in the remix/club scene, where many unknown artists get high exposure being reprocessed by popular DJ's, or vice-versa.

    You know what you are getting into here, the first ten seconds of "Cascade" sounds like a glittery cluster-eff on the dance floor. That is how the record starts. With synthetic shooting stars. The band pretty much keeps up the pace/tempo throughout the five-track EP, so put on the turbo bass and crank it. Hopefully you're in a crowded room, or dancing down the street, not sitting at a desk unable to move your legs. -joe puglisi

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    MP3: Deluka - "O.M.F.G." (Deluka EP)
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