Spotify Playlists You Didn't Know You Should Be Listening To
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2015

    • Posted by: Emily Daly

    Music is the way we define nearly every aspect of our lives- what we're doing, how we're feeling, or how we want to feel. It helps us celebrate, set a mood, and connect with friends. But who has time to put together a playlist these days? Luckily Spotify, the incredibly convenient music streaming service, has put together hundreds of playlists so you don't have to. We delved deep into this section of the music app, and this is what we found.

    Teen Party
    A featured list is "Teen Party," which tells us to "Bring your friends and let's have fun!" It opens with a personalized message from Ariana Grande, signaling to all adults present that it's time to flee the room. Featured songs include "Jealous" by teen heartthrob Nick Jonas: "It's my right to be hellish/I still get jealous." Ah, young love... young, obsessive love. We also have "Prayer in C" by Lilly Wood and The Prick, who announce that "Our hands will get more wrinkled and our hair will gray." That's right, Spotify. Remind these kids that youth is fleeting. Or apparently not, because Usher makes the playlist with "I Dont Mind," and I remember listening to him in middle school.

    Chill Playlists
    Spotify users must be pretty stressed out, because there's a vast "Chill" section with digital mixtapes such as "Acoustic Morning," "Hanging Out & Relaxing," "ChillStep," "Chill Hits," "Cinematic Chill Out," and the playlist you probably shouldn't listen to at work, "Stoner Songs." If you really like to party, check out the "4am Comedown" playlist "For those beautiful moments between returning home after a brilliant night and finally passing out." And for the morning after, the "Hangover Friendly Singer-Songwriter" list will soothe your pounding headache. I'm not a doctor, but I'd recommend some ibuprofen with that.

    The Mood Playlists
    Feeling a little emotional? The "Mood" section has you covered, no matter what you're going through. If you're having a good day, check out "Feelin' Good" or "Happy Hipster," which has a variety of positive songs from artists like Alt-J, Spoon, Hospitality and St. Vincent. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Spotify recommends "Deep Dark Indie," "Spoonful of Depression," "Anthems of Angst," or "Just Cry, Sad Songs," with the troubling description "I miss you. I remember you every moment. I love you. Wish you were here. I need you. Forgive me. It hurts. Please, don't go. Where are you? I lost you." Get over it, Spotify. You can do better.

    Inspirational Playlists
    Spotify has put together a bunch of religious songs for you, including the chaste celebratory favorite, "Christian Dance Party."

    Romance Playlists
    Got a hot date? Put on "Pure Seduction," which promises "Hot, steamy, passionate songs to help you set the mood all night long." It's five hours and 38 minutes long, but no pressure. Not subtle enough? Try the cuddling soundtrack, "Spooning" (Unfortunately, theres no Spoon on this). And of course, for the BFF in your life, theres the "Bromance" playlist.

    Country Playlists
    Of course theres a country section, including "Chillin' on a Dirt Road," "Heading to the Barn," and "Country Drinking Songs," because Country music and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    Random Playlists
    Need to clear out your party fast? Trying to drive your roommate crazy? Just put on the "Make It Stop" mixtape, including annoying hits like "The Hamster Dance Song," "Escape(The Pina Colada Song)," and "Cupid Shuffle." You're welcome.

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