Single Serving: Robert Ellis' Good Intentions
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Fire up "Good Intentions", from string-slinger Robert Ellis, and it's easy to hear how place and time press on the upbeat, twangy stomp of the song. A native Texan, Ellis grew up in the boonies, moved to Houston, and later shot straight to Nashville when he was old enough to know that city might have something in store for him. If the powers that be know any better, they'd make the 25-year-old a star; an example of the best traditions Nashville has historically stood for. "Good Intentions" has a classic quality, instantly recognized by people like me who don't listen to a whole lot of country...but hey, isn't that just what the city and the industry it breeds, needs? A wickedly talented, young musician, pedaling authentic song craft and thoroughly thought-out narratives, reminding people that, "oh yeah, this is what this place is all about?" Yes! And we'd never have to hear from Florida Georgia Line again. Bonus.

    "Good Intentions" is lifted from The Lights from the Chemical Plant, Robert's latest album, due February 11th. It's an album that apparently navigates a whole host of sonic channels...R&B, bossa nova, fusion, free jazz. There's even a take of Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All These Years" tucked away in the collection. For now though, it's "Good Intensions", the perfect lead to introduce what sounds like a very ambitious batch of tunes.

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