the guest apartment: little girls
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2010

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    A Macgyver of a session if ever there was one, Toronto based no-fi outfit Little Girls took us by surprise when they showed up at our doors during their run on CMJ '09. Put simply, they had gear...and a lot of it. Guitars, amps, drums; Josh McIntyre and his crew wanted nothing short of a full-bodied performance when they piled into the Guest Apartment. There was one tiny issue though. No microphone. Without one, McIntyre's vocals wouldn't stand a chance against the sweaty haze of drones and drums that would dominate the mass of 20 people that had gathered for the session.

    But Little Girls are fairly clever pack of musicians, and the problem didn't faze them. Give them a cymbal stand, a pickup, some electrical tape, and a cardboard box and...voila! A microphone is born. It was an oh so fitting development in this completely unpredictable session. Watch how it all unfurled in our latest session of the Guest Apartment. - David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: Little Girls
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