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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2008

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    Hiding behind a can’t miss set of plastic frames, a thick mess of black hair that can’t be real (can it?), and the kind of blinding outfits that could have those with migraine problems clearing out the cupboards in search of Advil, Dev Hynes, a.k.a Lightspeed Champion, sports the kind of extraterrestrial fashion sense that would probably closely resemble that of Rainbow Bright’s spunky, art school playmate (if, in fact, she ever had one). Of course all assumptions concerning the Essex bred songwriter’s hyper –hipster aesthetic go poof in the night the moment his Mike Mogis produced album, Fall Off the Lavender Bridge gets spinning in the tray. Flashy disco beats? Nope. A batch of twisty guitar cutters? Not here mate. Instead, the former Test Icicles’ guitarist offers up a country kissed acoustic set, dabbed in lots of pedal steel, and plenty of melody from the equally victoriously named vocal contributor Emmy the Great. Sure, the duo might quench the thirst of every emo kid longing for Dashboard’s glory days. But like Chris Carrabba, Lightspeed Champion offer musings of an addictive nature. I think you may have just found your new guilty pleasure. – David Pitz

    Fall Off the Lavender Bridge hits the US Feb 5th, courtesy of the Domino Recording Company.

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