COMING SOON: Muddy Magnolias Share Their Powerful Harmonies In Latest Session
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Jack Labbe

    American music is one of those titles that means so much, while also is completely meaningless. Music doesn't concern itself with borders or governments. If I play a G major chord in Australia, it's going to sound the same as if I played it in Arkansas. So then how and why do we constantly use the title "American"? Take one listen to Muddy Magnolias and you'll understand why this title is important.

    Our country often totes itself as "The Great Mixing Pot" where no two stories, and no two backgrounds are exactly the same. Muddy Magnolias' smooth combination of Soul, R&B, Country, and Blues make this mixing pot a reality, while loving and acknowledging all of the ingredients that got them their sound. No one genre takes control on their debut album Broken People, there will be a funky bass line in one song, and then a country ballad in the next, followed by a scratchy old school hip-hop beat. They keep you guessing throughout the album as to whats coming next, and the ride is well worth it.

    Muddy Magnolias is made up of Jessie Wilson and Kallie North, two glorious singers from different musical and geographical backgrounds who met in Nashville and decided they needed to make music together. Jessie Wilson was born in Brooklyn, raised on soul and R&B before she started a singing career of her own in the big apple. Kallie North grew up in Texas, going to music joints in Austin, before moving to the Mississippi Delta and falling in love with the deep culture and music of the delta.

    This unlikely pairing put out an incredible collection of songs on their debut effort, songs like "Brother, What Happened?" which deal with the big question of where our world is going, and "Devil's Teeth" and "Why Don't You Stay?" which deals with love, both longed for and lost. Their combination of lyrical images, strong vocal passion and talented backing band create a sound that just can't lose, and that's why we're excited to announce that next week we will be dropping a Baeble NEXT Session with Muddy Magnolias! Watch the sneak preview and look for the full video next week.

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