Which Actress Will A Member Of Mumford And Sons Marry Next
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    When does the Madness Stop? Musicians marrying Hot Actresses? The Mumford Men should be marrying Vicar's daughters not Hollywood Hotties.

    Earlier this week, it was announced that Mumford & Sons' vocalist/banjo player Winston Marshall had become engaged to Glee's Dianna Agron. We're big Mumford fans here in the Baeble offices. Our Mumford & Sons concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in 2010 remains one of the best concerts that we've ever shot (and we've shot a ton of great concerts). But something struck us with this announcement. Winston Marshall isn't the first member of Mumford & Sons to marry a popular Hollywood actress and we wonder if he's seen Dianna's evil housewife in Sam Smiths' "I'm Not The Only One." Be afraid

    Back in 2012, Mumford & Sons' frontman Marcus Mumford married Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan, easily creating one of the most formidable music/acting power couples today. And now that Winston Marshall and Dianna Agron have joined in on the fun, it leaves us wondering...who's next?

    There are two other key members of Mumford & Sons: Ben Lovett (head of Communion records) and Ted Dwane. And we've got to know, will they get in on the Hollywood cross-breeding as well? Who will they marry? Who's the folksiest, most rustic actresses that are roughly the same age as these contemporary indie folk titans? Who has taken over the mantle of the young hipster queen from Zooey Deschanel in recent years? Perhaps Lizzy Caplan? She's only two years older than Ted Dwane. Or maybe Rooney Mara? She has become the actress du jour in recent years with a slate of Academy Award nominations (and somebody's got to marry an Oscar winner besides Marcus). Who knows what will happen?

    We just don't know if the other members of the band want Winston and Marshall stealing all of the fun.

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