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    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Fresh from collaborations with an established bundle of musicians, including Arcade Fire's Richard Parry and Aaron Dessner of The National, Little Scream promises to deliver precisely what her name describes. Behind the foreground of soft melodies and wailing whispers of thoughtful lyrics is a hidden force that drives the music into that place in your mind where bunnies are happy and everything looks like a painting. But, of course, these are understatedly edgy bunnies and introspective paintings of mysterious oceans that hold secrets (and that blue diamond the old lady threw into the ocean at the end of Titanic for no reason).

    Laurel Sprengelmeyer, a relatively unknown artist who has been showcasing her talent with a scattering of shows over the past year, will release her debut album The Golden Record (also co-produced by Richard Parry as well as Belle Orchestre) on April 12. The debut is accompanied by a 29-date tour beginning in Ontario and wrapping up in Washington DC; a full list of dates and locations for the tour can be found on Little Scream's Myspace page. This full album release is the next step in her quickly blossoming introduction to the music scene, which has only made its way onto Myspace within the past seven months. Though her page only holds a little over 100 friends as of now, the list of those include the indie music elite who have contributed to The Golden Record, such as Sarah Neufeld (also of Arcade Fire), Patty McGee of Stars, and Snailhouse's Mike Fuerstack, among others. If their interest alone in this emerging singer/songwriter isn't enough, be sure to check out the pleasantly calming track "The Heron and the Fox". Though layered with a slightly melancholy tone, "The Heron and the Fox" (a collaboration with Aaron Dessner) features a lightly strummed acoustic guitar that molds effortlessly with Sprengelmeyer's vocals, which contain just as much sweetness as they do haunting depth.

    Tracks "The Lamb" and "Cannons" both release similar flutters of unexpected captivation. Though the songs build slowly and tend to remain that way, they promise to hold a subtle echo of the emotion behind the 'scream' aspect of her name to carry a range of intrigue. In addition to these softer tunes, Little Scream has gained a reputation for a transfixing energy, which will most likely be found within her debut of The Golden Record.

    Out on April 12, Little Scream's The Golden Record will include these ten tracks:

    1. "The Lamb"
    2. "cannons"
    3. "The Heron and the Fox"
    4. "Your Radio"
    5. "Black Cloud"
    6. "Guyegaros"
    7. "Boatman"
    8. "People is Place"
    9. "Red Hunting Jacket"
    10. "Hallowed"

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    Little Scream on Myspace

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