You'll Want To Be Friends With Hinds When You See Their New Video
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2018

    • Posted by: Grace Eire

    After a week of mercilessly teasing their fans in Instagram, Hinds has finally released their new song and video for "New For You." It's the first single from their album, I Don't Run, to be released on April 6th this year. The track is undeniably Hinds, with Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote's raw vocals over their laid back guitar riffs and garage sound breathing life into the term rock and roll. Ade Martín and Amber Grimbergen's bass and drums, respectively, hold down the fort with ease.

    The video features the band and their closest friends playing a day-long game of soccer, or futbol, depending which country we're assuming. It's exactly what diehard fans could dream up from the band, making you wish that you, too, were a part of it. From the beginning, their videos have been largely self-made, or at least produced in conjunction with friends, giving the final product an extremely personal and up-close feeling. This one is no exception, as between shots of the game you see things like opposing team members María Villar of team Rayo Blanco and Pablo Amores of Dragones F.C. kissing, genuine joy and camaraderie when a goal is scored, and rivalry that quickly dissolves when the game is over.

    While this new song from Hinds is a seamless transition from their last album, Leave Me Alone, they have certainly made a step forward. They have stated in interviews that they've made this record entirely on their own, on their own instruments, old strings and all. They've made it their mission to prove that this isn't just a phase, it's not just a coincidence, and it's not an anomaly for girls to succeed and excel as rock and roll musicians. This is what they are meant to do, and they're doing it extremely well. While showing musical maturity, there is no sacrifice in their unique style.

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