Lissie Is Joyous On 'Best Days'
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2018

    • Posted by: Shane Croghan

    Lissie, who might have blown you away a few months back with her performance of "Wild West" in Twin Peaks: The Return, is a Baeble favorite and she's just dropped another new track from her forthcoming album. Castles is Lissie's fourth LP and it's scheduled to fill our ears with folky goodness on March 23rd.

    "Best Days," as the name might suggest, is a pretty optimistic offering throughout. It's an energetic showcase for Lissie's powerful voice, crystal clear as always, and a refreshingly upbeat track in a lyrical sense. Having moved back to Iowa to work on this new album, Lissie has brought the clarity of her new surroundings to this track. It's open, expansive, and unbridled in its joy, meshing folk origins and chugging electric distortion. The track is neatly paced too, ebbing and flowing through its opening before building to a triumphant conclusion, riddled with squealing guitars and a soaring vocal.

    March 23rd can't come quick enough and if you need your Lissie fix while you wait, check out our full 2016 session with her below.

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