Happy and/or Sad Playlists for Your Pre-Inauguration Day
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    We are just a little over 24 hours out from bidding President Obama goodbye and welcoming to the White House our new tiny-handed leader of the free world, Donald Trump, ushering in the new age of making America great again with riots, protests, and probably a fewcars on fire. But before we begin the inauguration festivities and party like it's 1952, we here at Baeble wanted to give you a head start with some pre-Inauguration playlists to make up for all the lack of music at the actual Inauguration!

    Now, depending on where you stand on current events, you might be feeling optimistic for the near future, you might be absolutely terrified and depressed about where our country is going, or you may just need a pick-me-up and wine just isn't cutting it anymore. Well don't fret, because we've made TWO playlists for you to choose from, explicitly designed to fit your given emotional and mental state! The "Everything Will Be Alright" playlist contains some of the happiest and upbeat songs in music that are guaranteed to have you get out of your seat and take on the world with a spring in your step. I mean hey, just because everyone around you is wildly panicking doesn't mean you have to! If bright and shining optimism isn't your speed, then get pissed with the "Everything Will Be Awful" playlist, featuring at least three songs about the oncoming apocalypse! It's like that blue pill/red pill thing from The Matrix, except your choice will affect nothing except possibly your own sanity.

    Jam out to either or both playlists right here, and happy and/or unhappy Inauguration week!



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