UK Outfit Loyal Hit You With The Winter Warmer You Can't Live Without
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Not a lot out there on London-based outfit LOYAL, but their track "Blue & The Green" is one smooth operator. If you need a good thawing out from Mother Nature's cold and blustery behavior of late, warm up to this ambient slice of electronic pop.

    The band also sent along a note about the song: ""Blue & The Green" questions whether its better to fight for something once cherished, or the decision to give up and leave this thing behind. Blue and the green represents land and sea (the earth) as well the emotions of sadness and jealousy."

    OK, so I guess that's kind of depressing if you're going through something similar at the moment. But the song ends on a hopeful note: "If the blue and the green fades behind us / Then that's giving up / We're not giving up / So we're holding on." Which is kind of our attitude in the face of this weather.

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