Know Who's  Next: The Emotional Atmosphere of HAELOS
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2016

    • Posted by: Emily Oldenquist

    With the progression of technology and the only quickening speed in which anything can be publicized through mass media falling out of the loop has never been so easy. Yes, the essentials of our lives are in one way or another right at our fingertips. But even with such accessibility in our pockets or palms, it is a matter of being in the right place (or on the right app) at the right time. Since everything is so easy to know, conversations and reliable facts or valid opinions have been harder and harder to come by. Restaurants, banks, hotels, significant others: everything worth anything seems to have a little shortcut at the cost of a 5 minute internet session whether it be opinions or means of obtaining a service. And what about music? Across the board, music seems to be more difficult to capture. Maybe this is due to the very strategic composition of vocal style, instruments, lyrics, rhythm, BPMs, and even fashion sense if live music is in the equation that needs to take place to present a track to a label or company. And that brings us to HAELOS.

    Today, I had the pleasure of delving into the discography of a new act that initially caught my eye because of the obscure typography of their title. HAELOS. With the capitalized A and E, adjoined as one, yet still clearly identifiable on the web, the group already had me curious. I began my search with a song released in 2015, titled Earth Not Above. This tune starts started with the best, well-worked foot forward that I was able to identify as I listened further. In Earth Not Above melodic synths are paired with subtle but defining percussion and the male vocal slides right in with a tune resembling a friendlier but similar tone to Night Terrors of 1927. To pair with that powerful distinct sound, the female vocals strongly identify with Florence and the Machine. Much like the adjoined A and E, these two voice fuse to create something that provokes curiosity and marks a very distinctive identity for this artist.

    HAELOS might not have enormous pop hooks but they make up for it with atmosphere. But make no mistake, this band is definitely an act to fulfill a craving that a lot of listeners have. The lyrics have the kind of emotional weight you may want to avoid chanting down the public roads or the city's buildings. But this band is in the process of making a name for themselves.

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