album review: millionyoung
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2011

    • Posted by: Dan Siegler

    Call it chillwave, glo-fi, gltch or bedroom, but it's clear this sub-genre of electronic music is not going anywhere. Florida's MillionYoung, aka Mike Diaz, kicks of 2011 with the latest addition to the canon, his new record, Replicants. With two well-received EP's under his belt, including last years excellent and much more song-focused Be So True, this is Diaz's first swing at a full-length. Replicants, is a bounty of styles and sounds. There are the easily identifiable sheets of wall-to-wall synth, simple muffled beats and murmured, mixed-down vocals that are typical of the genre. But there's also a surprising amount of electric guitar here, as well as some surprising sound inventions, including a comical moment at the very end of the album, in which the music cuts out and it sounds like we're listening to Mike walking around looking for his car keys.

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    MP3: "Replicants"
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