album review: spoon transference
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2010

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    What we talk about when we talk about current American rock heroes: Wilco and their contemporaries, The National, The Hold Steady, you know the kind. The guys who consistently get called out as "Americana." The guys who can still string together a guitar tune and not be assigned a random derogatory subcategory, shoe gaze, chill-wave, psychedelic, acid rock. Whatever fad you think is the next big thing, these guys crap all over it with stuff that could have been written forty years ago and still sounds fresh. And Spoon may be the king of the current favorites. With a career spanning over a decade, and a definitive sound, the band has been there and back again. They don't suffer from the over-glorification like Wilco, but they are just as solid... some might say more so. And they've taken it to a new level. Transference was produced by Spoon, made by Spoon, and its raw and unapologetic.

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    MP3: Spoon - "Written In Reverse" (Transference)
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