The Early Weekend IV
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2007

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    The rock never stops in New York City, at least not this weekend. Tonight, the Baeble crew will head over to Webster Hall to catch Pilot Speed, Annuals, and The Dears. Annuals were on Conan last night, and they’ll be featured on our site soon. Pilot Speed has already become a household name in Canada, where the band has scored several top ten hits. Wind Up Records will be handling the band’s American efforts, and recent release Into the West sounds like Radiohead with a modern radio finish. Good stuff. And finally, The Dears: a Montreal-based band whom Wikipedia compares to “Radiohead, Jethro Tull, and early Genesis.” Most excellent! Let’s just hope they don’t have any flute solos… or any Phil Collins look-alikes.

    The Baeble crowd will split up on Saturday night, with some of us hitting up the Mercury Lounge to check out Goes Cube (who number their songs instead of titling them, which is both interesting and pretty darn confusing), and the others going to Mo’ Pitkins to see Emily Easterly. She’s a singer/songwriter from Virginia, having recently moved to New York to focus on her acoustic-based music. Heard a lot about her live shows, but our only knowledge of Ms. Easterly’s music has been relegated to her streaming MySpace tunes… Our favorite is “Your Cover 4 Track,” though. Check it out.

    See you on Monday!

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