BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Do Something' by The Ballroom Thieves
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    There's no better way to ease yourself into the end of the week than with a romantic slow-burner. Today, we're premiering The Ballroom Thieves' new song "Do Something." Although it's a politically charged song, it's also a song you'll want to sway to, lover in hand, under the moonlit stars, surrounded by nothing but candles and rose petals. Too much? Not enough! That's really how beautiful the track is. At the end, each band member hits their instrument a little harder as the vocalist begins to passionately crack up. The single is available everywhere tomorrow, aka the one year anniversary of the presidential inauguration.

    The band provided us with this statement on the song: "'Do Something' is a letter to our con-man president. As artists, we're sometimes told that our jobs are to entertain and to keep politics and personal opinions out of our shows. But, that feels misguided. We're humans, small business owners, citizens, and we, too, are meandering through uncharted territory as our country divides itself over basic human rights, money, and one man's outrageously out of touch ideals and disastrous choices. We will always believe that free speech is a tool to bring people together in the pursuit of truth."

    "In the wake of last year's presidential inauguration it took me less than an hour to feverishly scribble down this plea. It was at a time when we all attempted to endure this new, schismatic administration. We tried to be forbearing and hopeful, to watch and wait."

    "Now a year has passed and it's apparent that the patience we once championed is wholly wasted on an egomaniacal president who cares for nothing but his own enrichment. As such, the meaning behind this song has shifted with the times and it now stands as a letter for you, to him, from us. Patience has become a virtue of yesterday, and time's up."

    The band is also heading out on tour. Find all dates HERE.

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