WTF WEDNESDAY: Ariana Grande is the Hardest Working 23 Year Old on Earth + More
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    It feels like the drama hasn't stopped this week. Between Justin Bieber calling out Selena Gomez for using her new boy toy The Weeknd and everyone predicting what will happen at Lady Gaga's halftime show, it feels like we need a minute to breathe. Seriously, pop culture, can you just give us like, one second? No? Well, okay. I guess we'll just keep writing about it then...

    1. Lady Gaga might make her 2017 Super Bowl halftime show one big political statement.

    Well, that's not necessarily true. But there have been rumors going around lately that the NFL did not want Gaga getting into all of the political madness while under the Super Bowl spotlight... But like we said, these were just rumors (what do you expect? It was reported to Entertainment Tonight by some anonymous source). The NFL later came out with a statement:

    "The Super Bowl is a time when people really come together. Lady Gaga is focused on putting together an amazing show for fans and we love working with her on it; we aren't going to be distracted by this."

    What they're basically saying is CHILL OUT.

    Let's look at all of the ways Gaga can slyly inject a nice dose of political drama into her halftime set:

    -Halfway through "Perfect Illusion," Gaga breaks to tell Trump supporters that Trump isn't actually good and that to them, he is just a perfect illusion.

    -She dedicates "Born This Way," a song that basically goes against all of Trump's beliefs, to Trump.

    -She changes the song "Poker Face" to "Joker Face" and then dedicates it to Trump.

    -She changes "Bad Romance" to "Bad Presidency" and dedicates it to Trump.

    So you see... There are SO many clear openings for Ga to make this all about the government.

    2. Yeah, Ariana Grande actually referred to herself as the hardest working 23 year old on earth.

    Aribaby recently posted a seemingly-innocent photo on Insta with a not-so-innocent caption:

    "when you're cute but you're also the hardest working 23 year old human being on earth #cute #butalso #CEO #unfuckwitable #haventsleptinyears."

    Not only did she call herself cute, but she also gave herself THAT much credit. I'm not here to invalidate how hard she works. I get that she probably has to fly on her private jet twice a day, put on a show, have meetings, get her makeup done, keep up with her Insta aesthetic, and grace Mac Miller with her presence, but did she know that there are other 23 year olds out in the world who don't have massive teams of people behind them to help? There are young single mothers out there. There are other business women out there who don't publicize their entire lives and do everything completely, authentically, 100% THEMSELVES... Etc. So gurl, you just made a MASSIVELY ignorant (and false!) statement.

    3. Justin Bieber calls Selena Gomez out for getting around *insert flirty kissy noises*.

    Are you caught up on the whole Selena Gomez/The Weeknd/Bella Hadid drama? No? To wrap it up in a sentence: Hadid and The Weeknd were dating for a minute and after they broke up, Sel wasted NO TIME and hopped on The Weeknd in a heartbeat. You can see *totally not staged* photos of the two making out HERE. And after that, Hadid unfollowed Sel on Insta and fans went read into it like an extremely insecure girl reading into a guy's one hour response text time. According to TMZ, Bieber thinks Sel is using Abel (!!!). What groundbreaking news!!!

    She dated Biebz, Nick Jonas, Zedd - all dudes she collab'd with - and now The Weeknd, who mentioned her in his latest song "Party Monster" and is reportedly working on something else with her. Sounds like one big Drake/J. Lo situation to us. Would she have ever dated Biebz if he was poor and not famous? Hmmm... ZZzzzzZZZzzzZzZzZzzzzz.

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