COMING SOON: A Bands + Brews Session With Hannah Gill and The Hours
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    This was the first Bands + Brews that took place in our new office in Brooklyn's Industry City and it was everything we could have possibly asked for. Intimate, laid-back, and dare I say... Lit? Well, it was lit. With more than enough beer to quench the thirst of the crowd (thank you, Blue Point) and memorable live performances from incredible young artists, it felt like more of a party than a show. It was most certainly a night to remember.

    Tomorrow we're releasing the performance from Hannah Gill and the Hours which was rife with heartbreak tunes and clanking glasses. Gill managed to make our office feel like a hole-in-the-wall jazz club for a few songs. "We have a jazz project - like private events and for swing dancing gigs - and then I babysit as well. Nanny by day, musician by night," Gill explained to Baeble in between songs.

    When the session is out, try to listen to the opening song of the night, "Austin," and tell us that you don't love it (spoiler alert: you won't be able to, because it's the most catchy, memorable song we've ever heard). And get ready to swoon over the jazzy charisma of Hannah Gill and The Hours.

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