The Baeble NEXT:  The Spellbinding Sound of Aurora
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Later this week, we'll be treated to the spellbinding sounds of Aurora Aksnes (who goes only by Aurora) when the Glassnote-endorsed artist swings by our place in Sunset Park Brooklyn. She is an artist that we've been wanting to work with for quite some time. "Under Stars" - the track embededded above - first captivated us more than a year ago...the fierce, laser-cut precision of that opening synth immediately recalling the first time we heard the lightening shock of The Knife's "Heartbeats".

    Indeed, Aurora shares some musical middle ground with the legendary Scandanavian electro duo. She hails from Norway, and on songs like "Running With The Wolves", from her EP of the same name, that iciness, that mysticism, that beautiful, minimalist drama is ever-present. But her songs also show compositional range...they go places while demonstrating a real love of pop. Her songs are weird and witchy, her voice channeling something from beyond, but they also get logged in that place in the brain where songs you've only heard but once or twice loop on repeat for days on end. Cool trick, Aurora. Instrumentally, the seeds are often scarce at first, but ultimately bloom into more ornate, electro-ear candy. All of this is impressive because - oh, did we forget to tell you? - Aurora is only 19. Which is shocking when considering lyrics like, "He holds the gun against my head / I close my eyes and "bang", I am dead / I know he knows that he's killing me for mercy", from "Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)".

    To date, Aurora has released a number of fantastic singles and the aforementioned EP. Give them an immediate listen. This March she'll release her debut EP, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend...which is a very good album title, if you ask us. A full North American tour will follow shortly thereafter.

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