baeble surfs the void
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    One of our favorite albums saw its long awaited physical release today. Klaxon's Surfing The Void originally hit the web back in August, with a heap of acclaim accompanying it. Now the band are vying for your dollars with an actual physical product, and to incentivize things, they've added a few more songs to the original collection.

    We bring this up because we're obvious Klaxons fans. But we're also proud of the fact that this release of Surfing the Void marks a bit of a first for Baeble. Hear that acoustic rendition of "Echoes? It'll probably sound familiar to those who keep their eyes and ears glued to the site. That's because it's ripped from our session with the band, which we captured here in New York last September. We're really proud of that session, and even more so that the band chose to include it on the commercial release.

    Surfing the Void is in stores now.

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