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    • MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 2010

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    The Danes love their mountain climbing orchestral pop, just take a look at the Efterklangs and Slaraffenlands of the world. Oh No Ono comes from the same soil, and the same mindset it would appear, as their lavish songs reach for the skies on multiple occasions on Eggs. However, while their contemporaries are stuck in the boring confines of lackadaisical drudgery (running more like a medieval mass than an album made in the 21st century), Oh No Ono abandons the niceties and bites harder and faster. The songs beneath the strings are like the elongated epics of the rock opera era, a Danish Jethro Tull with vocal effects and less flute. They are like a new decade of Danish rock unto themselves.

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    MP3: Oh No Ono - "Icicles" (Eggs)
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