Now Playing: Paper Route Bring Real Emotion By Baeble HQ
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    For their new album, Nashville band Paper Route secluded themselves in an old house in the hills of Tennessee. They're the first to admit that this type of approach has become a bit clich, but there's a reason for it. Left alone with just your thoughts, the mind can wander and ruminate, stumbling upon new creative inspirational ground in which to build a new body of work. That body4 of work is Real Emotion; the band's righteous, intensely personal new album.

    When the band swung through Brooklyn for their Baeble NEXT Session, we had the chance to sit down with JT Daly and Chad Howat. They're fairly easy-going fellows, but that doesn't mean the songs they played in session ("Chariots", "Writing On The Wall", and "Balconies") don't touch on complex depths of emotion. "It's about growing up, getting older, and a lot of it has to do with mental health," Chad explained during our conversation. It's interesting subject matter to explore for the first time. Real Emotion has revealed things about their fan base they never would have known without such heavy subject matter. Fans feel closer than ever to the band, sharing stories about overcoming depression or making the decision to pursue a psychology degree because of the album. "It's been honestly remarkable", JT explained. "I've almost teared up multiple nights talking to people after shows".

    No tears here though. Our newest session is compelling look at Paper Route's heartfelt, brave new batch of tunes, out in the open and stripped to the bones.

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