Blast From The Past: Loney Dear at Baeble's 'Guest Apartment' Session
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Talk about a blast from the past! Back in May of 2009, Swedish singer-songwriter, Loney Dear (real name is Emil Svanangan) visited our old Baeble HQ building where we took him and his little band upstairs for a "Baeble's Guest Apartment" session so he could serenade us on the couch of an empty apartment with his steady falsetto and acoustic guitar. And we even shot it with our "vintage" handy cam and listened to stripped-down versions of Loney Dear tracks, including "Here Comes The Lonely Ones" and "Violet" and it's exactly what you need on this rainy NYC day.

    Fast forward over 7 years and we found a session Loney Dear did with La Blogotheque - where he seems to have perfected his high register and he also grew a pretty impressive full beard. That voice still melts our hearts after all these years.

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