Tegan and Sara Share Broken-Hearted Ballad 'Now I'm All Messed Up'
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    The buzz on Tegan & Sara's newest album is stemming around their newer, more electronic-fused approach. Straying away from the stripped down versions of love crazed emotions, the sister duo is applying the hurting, quieter sounds into powerhouse broken hearted-ballads.

    "Now I'm All Messed Up" is a prime example of this. Tegan & Sara have now grasped a stadium-sounding song for (maybe) their first time ever. With anticipation at a high for their forthcoming album Heartthrob, this track only fuels our impatience. We love your raw acoustics ladies, but we can't wait for more tracks like this. Until then, let's enjoy "Now I'm All Messed Up."


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