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    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, 2008

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    From the upcoming album Circular Sounds, San Francisco-based Kelley Stoltz's latest single, "Your Reverie" fits like a favorite sweater, packed with classic style, and is plenty cozy to boot. "Your Reverie" contains a certain fuzzy charm, with musical cues alternating between anti-folk fun, the likes of Pete Yorn and earlier soulful hipsters a la Nick Drake. On the surface Stoltz's flirtations are rough around the edges. But give it a good listen and it's clear this guy knows a thing or two (or ten) about composition and recording. Kelley Stoltz who, on previous releases drew comparisons to Brian Wilson and the Beatles, here evokes Jim Morrison with sultry vocals. With touches of blues, rockabilly, garage band, and even psychedelic, Stoltz effectively presents a cool, if not romanticized retrospective of early rock and roll: this is what great music must have sounded like, even if we weren't around yet to appreciate it. Versatile and vibrant, Kelley Stoltz makes what was old new again. Whether its trekking through the back woods or hitching a ride home from a rough and tumble trip to Vegas, you will be glad you brought this sweater along for the journey. Circular Sounds drops February 5 on Sub Pop Records. - Megan Diamondstein

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    MP3: Kelley Stoltz:: "Your Reverie" Circular Sounds
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