NOW PLAYING: An Interview with Pop's Next Biggest Stars Sofi Tukker
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Back in October, we painted our wall lavender purple and dressed the room with plants for a very special session with Sofi Tukker. The jungle-pop duo, made up of Tucker Halpern and Sophie Hawley-Weld, stopped by with their tall book tree and played an energetic set of "Johny," "Déjà Vu Affair," and "Drinkee." Right after the visit, their catchy song "Best Friend" exploded in an iPhone X placement, which had the world wondering -- who is Sofi Tukker?

    In addition to putting on an entertaining show, we also got to sit down with Halpern and Hawley-Weld in hopes of answering that question, and we're releasing that conversation today. The two met at Brown University, "it was sort of random," Halpern shared. "We met in our senior year, Sophie was doing acoustic bossa nova music, I was DJing mostly house music. We met one day when she was doing an acoustic thing for an art gallery and I was DJing after her and I thought one of her songs was really amazing but really slow and boring," he continued. "He gets bored easily," Hawley-Weld said with a laugh. That mutual understanding shared between the two is what makes them such a dynamic pair. Their senses of humor is what made this one of the most fun and memorable interviews for Baeble to date.

    Not only do the two have an undeniable chemistry, but they're interesting individuals on their own. Hawley-Weld sings in Portuguese and has lived all over the world while Halpern was originally set for a professional career in basketball. Together, they both shine with star quality and hits to match. Watch this new interview, out now, to discover more about the group's eclectic history.

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